1. Who are eligible for Duty Free Shopping?

    Travelers flying abroad or to Åland from Helsinki Airport are eligible for Duty Free Shopping. We check your eligibility for duty free shopping by asking to show your boarding pass.

  2. Who are eligible for Duty Free prices?

    Travelers flying from Helsinki Airport outside European Union are eligible for Duty Free prices. Please check custom allowances for your destination.

  3. Why can't I buy alcohol when flying domestic?

    We are not allowed to sell alcohol for travellers flying domestic because Alko has the national alcoholic beverage retailing monopoly in Finland.

  4. What forms of payment do you accept in-store?

    We accept card payment by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners, China Union Pay & all major debit cards. In addition we accept cash (EUR) and following foreign currencies in notes only: SEK, DKK, NOK, GBP, CAD, JPY, CHF and USD. If you pay with foreign currency, you get change in euros.

  5. Do you sell any tobacco products in your stores at Helsinki Airport?

    Yes, we do. Ask our staff for further information. Due to Finnish Regulations we are not allowed to have any tobacco products online.

  6. Why do you want to know my final destination?

    We ask your destination to check your eligibility for duty free prices. If the airport where you are flying from Helsinki is not your final destination but you continue your journey with another flight, please inform us about it. All liquids must in this case be packed in a sealed bag.

  7. What's legal age for tobacco and alcohol purchases in Finland?

    Legal age for purchasing tobacco and mild alcohol (<21%) in Finland is 18 years and for spirits (>21%) 20 years.

  8. Which luxury brands do you have available in-store at Helsinki Airport?

    We have currently following luxury brands available at our stores: Chanel, Dior, Hermès, Jo Malone London, La Mer, Tom Ford, La Prairie, Victorinox, Mont Blanc, Max Mara, Burberry, Ferragamo, Loewe, Dunhill and Bvlgari.

  9. What's your refund period?

    We will accept goods returned for refund within a period of 60 days from the date of purchase, provided that the product has not been used, it is in perfect condition and is returned in its original packaging together with all original items it came with. No refunds will be granted for jewelry, confectionery or watches. Proof of purchase must be presented in all cases.

  10. Do you operate at other airports in Finland?

    No, we operate Duty Free Stores only at Helsinki Airport.

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  1. Who are eligible for Reserve & Collect Preorder Service?

    Travelers flying abroad or to Åland from Helsinki Airport are eligible for Duty Free Shopping.

  2. Which products can be preordered?

    Reserve & Collect assortment is currently not as large as we have at stores. We are working on to improve the online selection.

  3. Why don't you have any tobacco products online?

    Due to Finnish Regulations we are not allowed to have any Tobacco Products online. Please ask our in-store staff more information about our tobacco assortment.

  4. How far in advance can I make a reservation?

    You can place your order between 30 days and 24 hours before your departure.

  5. Do I have to register to submit a preorder?

    No, you don't have to register. You can submit a preorder as a guest.

  6. How many reservations can I make?

    Generally, there is no limit to your pre-orders, you should however keep in mind the allowances limits as specified here. Note that you may have to pay the additional duty and taxes differences if you exceed those limits.

  7. Can I cancel my order?

    Cancellation is possible, you can do it by logging in to your account.

  8. Where can I track my reservations?

    You can do it by logging in to your user account.

  9. Where do I pick up my order?

    Your order will be awaiting collection in the Helsinki Duty Free shop located in Terminal 2 right after security control. Please have your boarding pass available when collecting your preorder. We will ask to see it to check your eligibility for duty free shopping

  10. When do I pay for the items?

    You don't need to pay for your items until you reach the airport and collect your order. So if your travel plans change you don't need to worry about requesting a refund.

  11. What happens if my travel plans change?

    Your preorder is ready for collection for 48 hours after your original departure date. So if you move to a later flight or plan to travel on the next day or two, your items will still be available for pick-up. If your travel plans change significantly simply cancel your original order and place another order. When you log in (using your email & password provided when you created your order), you will be able to see your original order which you can use for reference. You can then cancel this original order and place a new order.

  12. Can someone else collect the order on my behalf?

    No, you need to pick-up your goods in person, this is due to the fact that we need to be sure that you actually are eligible for duty free shopping.

  13. Is Reserve & Collect Preordering Service available at other international airports?

    Yes, Reserve & Collect by Dufry is available at Arlanda, Athens, Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Zurich, Madrid, Barcelona, Vancouver, Lima and Mexico City.

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  1. What is Red by Dufry?

    Red by Dufry is the leading Duty Free loyalty program. You can earn points almost everywhere you travel, and use them to benefit from in-store discounts and great rewards.

  2. Who is eligible to register in the programme?

    Everyone who has an email address and smart phone for downloading the app.

  3. How do I download the App?

    The Red by Dufry app is available in Google Store and Apple Store.

  4. Is the App free to download and use?

    Yes, there is no cost whatsoever to download and use the app.

  5. In which languages can I use the App?

    You can select the language for the sign up form and for future communication, but the app is currently in English only.

  6. How do I sign up in the program?

    Signing up is easy! After downloading the app fill in the following details: country of residence, date of birth, email address and password. If you have already created an account for Reserve & Collect, use your Reserve & Collect login details to login to the App.

  7. Dufry is not operating in my country of residence. Can I still register in Red by Dufry program?

    Yes, you can – although you will only be able to use the RED by Dufry discounts and benefits in those countries in which RED by Dufry is available/operating. As we are rolling-out our loyalty program very quickly across the 63 countries where Dufry is operating, we advise you to check the app for updates on new locations / benefits where to use our RED by Dufry program.

  8. What kind of content do you offer at the App?

    In the App you can check your personal QR code, points and membership level. You can read the latest Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy for the programme. You have access to view Customer Allowances for different countries. In addition you can amend your personal data via the App. You can also check our airport-exclusive benefits for RED by Dufry members and the contact details for local customer service team.

  9. What are the different levels of membership?

    There are three levels of membership: Silver, Gold and Platinum. When you sign up you automatically reach the Silver status. The more you purchase the more points you accumulate and upgrade your membership to next level. As a Silver member you get 5 % loyalty discount, as a Gold member you get 7 % discount and as a Platinum member you get 7 % discount of your purchases at Dufry stores. Note that loyalty discount may vary in different countries. In addition we offer airport-exclusive benefits for RED by Dufry members. Complete list of these benefits can be found in the App or at

  10. How are my purchases in foreign currency converted into Red by Dufry points?

    Our program currency is euro. Transactions in foreign currency are converted to euros based on the Dufry corporate exchange rate. For each euro spent you earn 5 points.

  11. In which Duty free stores at Helsinki Airport can I earn points and get loyalty discounts?

    At Helsinki Airport Red by Dufry is operating in following stores: Helsinki Duty Free at T1, Helsinki Duty Free at T2 Schengen and T2 Non Schengen, Beauty Store at T2 Schengen and Arrival Shop at arrival hall 2B.

  12. How much do I have to spend at Dufry to reach Gold membership?

    Threshold for Gold Tier is 2 000 points which equals shopping with 400 euros in 12 months period.

  13. How much do I have to spend at Dufry to reach Platinum membership?

    Threshold for Platinum Tier is 5 000 points which equals shopping with 1 000 euros in 12 months period.

  14. Can I get the loyalty discount on all purchases I do at Dufry Stores globally?

    The loyalty discount cannot be applied to products that are already on promotion or subject to a discount, nor can it be combined with any other promotional campaigns. There may also be country specific legal restrictions and some stores may have been excluded in the programme. At some airports, there may also be limitations on the number of transactions allowed per customers.

  15. Can I get loyalty discount if I submit a preorder?

    Yes - you can still obtain discounts and points when you use our Reserve and Collect services, just remember to scan your QR code when you collect and pay for your reservation in store.

  16. Can I share my membership number with someone else?

    Red by Dufry membership is personal. The name on the boarding pass and on the application must be the same to benefit from the exclusive RED by Dufry offers.

  17. Do the points expire?

    Yes, points expire after 12 months from the date they have been registered at your account.

  18. Can I remove the App from my phone?

    You can delete the app at any time from your phone.

  19. What should I do, if I forgot my password?

    If you forgot your password, go either to at desktop or select Personal Data at the App and click the "forgot your password" link in the bottom of the login page. Follow the instructions and you will receive an email explaining how to retrieve your password.

  20. How do I change my password?

    You can change your password at any time by going either to at desktop or select Personal Data at the App. After logging in fill in the new password, confirm and save it.

  21. I can't access my QR code - what should I do?

    Please follow any of these steps:

    1. Close and re-open the application;
    2. Turn your phone off and back on again;
    3. Verify on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store (depending on your device type) that you have the latest version of the application
    4. If none of the above options work, please contact our local customer service team. The full list of customer support numbers and emails can be found in the application under Help & Support.

  22. I am moving to another country. Can I update my country of residence in Red by Dufry App without losing my points and tier? Or do I have to create a new account?

    Yes - you can update your country of residence by going on your profile (click the button on the top left corner of the app) then go to the PERSONAL DATA section, log in if necessary and you'll be able to change/update your location there.

  23. Why haven't my points been credited to my account?

    It can take up to 7 days to credit your account with the points earned at the time of purchase. If your points are not credited past that period of time, please contact our customer support attaching a copy of the till receipt for the purchase and including your account number.

  24. I want to speak to customer services, how do I contact them?

    Within the app, go to your profile (icon on the top left corner) and select Help and Support + Contact Us and contact the appropriate Customer Service team.

  25. I have met the Gold Tier spend, but my app does not reflect this?

    It can take up to 7 days for your status to be updated. If the issue still remains after 7 days, please contact the relevant customer support.

  26. How can I terminate my Red by Dufry membership?

    Contact your local customer service team providing your account number will be helpful to accelerate the process.

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